Why shiatsu and massage during pregnancy?

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Well Mother

This is an article which I wrote for the September issue of the Forces magazine, Just for Her. It is aimed at women working in the Forces and their families. Any comments on it welcome: I am trying to get shiatsu and massage more well known for pregnancy amongst the general public.

postnatal shiatsu

Looking after mum

Rebecca Judd, an Australian model, blogged about how her massage with a Well Mother trained therapist was the best she’d had “The thing I loved the most was that you are treated on a futon, lying on your side and also over a fit ball. It is the most relaxing, therapeutic massage I have ever had and in the final couple of months of my pregnancy with Oscar, I booked in for one every single week. I was addicted. Gemma knew exactly what was happening in my body, where Oscar was sitting and where I…

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