Debunking the myths of massage in pregnancy

Well Mother

I was teaching my Pregnancy Massage course in Bristol in March with Heidi Armstrong, Well Mother teacher and director of Complementary Therapies College Bath.  On the last day Katy Whitehouse, from the APNT, who validate the course came and did the external assessment.  As often the case, our conversation turned to how many myths still persist about massage in pregnancy. Several students during the course had been told in other pregnancy massage courses things like:  work with the sacrum needs to be avoided,  along with shiatsu points around leg and shoulders (without detail on exactly where), abdominal work, work in the first trimester. When I asked what rationale was given, there was none!  Katy and I are thinking of starting a discussion on these topics to get therapists more aware of the issues.  I wrote my book “Pregnancy and childbirth”  to try to give some clarity: but I…

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